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Back in 1996, when this website first came online, we were confronted by many in the trading world who would argue that market turns cannot be predicted in advance and that this was nothing but "snakeoil".

They were wrong then, and most of them are gone now.

Meanwhile, we continue to produce information that helps traders of Futures and Forex time market turns with amazing accuracy.


FDates and Cycle Analysis

Let me state the obvious first. No one can predict market turns with 100% accuracy. And we should all be happy about that. Why? Because if someone could do that there would no longer be a market left to trade. There has to be some 'uncertainty' for a functional market.

What is possible, and what we provide here, is the ability to know with a HIGH DEGREE OF PROBABILITY whether a market is likely to produce a bottom or top on a particular day/week within one day/week, respectively.

During the 1990's, we developed an algorithm based on natural phenomena (seasons, cycles, market geometry, etc.) that produced future market turn dates (FDates). These FDates, when used along with other methods of timing such as our Cycle Envelope charts, allows for timing daily and weekly market turns with impressive precision.

Because these methods have proven to be quite effective, our FDates membership continues to serve our trading members years after doubters and competitors have disappeared from the trading scene.


What do we provide? 

This is a membership for traders. When you join this membership, you are given access to our private website called the FDates Market Timing Membership.

Within this membership, you will have access to our weekly FDate Report.  This report lists the markets we currently analyze on a weekly basis that includes Futures and Forex markets. You can view the current list HERE.

The FDate Report will also include the upcoming WEEKLY turn dates and DAILY turn dates. Two time-frames that will allow you to not only determine the likely short-term direction, but the intermediate-term direction as well. Knowing the big picture as well as the short-term provides you with confidence on the upcoming direction of the market.

Also provided within the membership are our Cycle Envelope charts. These provide you with a visual cycle map where you can see the highly likely upcoming direction of the market.

Also included with our membership (Premium Members only) is the unlimited use of our Previsions Charting Software. This stand-alone application (installed on your Windows computer) has built-in powerful tools for market forecasting that alone is valued at several thousands of dollars. The Seasonal Data Report, OB/OS indicator and more.

You will find plenty of training documents and videos available within the membership site.


The Cycle Envelope Charts 

The Cycle Envelope charts are based on the cycle theories of Hurst. The cycle pattern of the market for both short-term and long-term is exposed and from this the 'expected' future short-term cycle pattern is extrapolated and plotted on the chart.

Within the Membership, members have access to these powerful Cycle Envelope charts as a bonus.

Below (Chart 2) is a sample of one of our Cycle Envelope charts found within the FDates Market Forecasting membership. Notice how you can quickly see the current cycle trend, and what the future short-term and longer-term cycle trend will likely be. These charts are updated regularly, one for every market that we have listed on our weekly FDate Report.


Cycle Envelope Chart trading strategy


When you join the FDate Market Forecasting membership, you are provided access to our members-only site. Within this membership site you will find our weekly FDate Report, Cycle Envelope charts, and plenty of videos and tutorial PDFs that show how you can trade using FDates for objective signals.  



Are FDates Really Useful? Take a look some of the public forecasts made using FDates and see for yourself!








Crude Oil March 2017



Unsolicited Testimonies



"As you know I was virtually dead and buried in this business a year ago, my only skepticism regarding FDates was the possibility that I was just chucking good money after bad in the vain attempt to find a magical trade that would keep me going.

I had already tried many systems and spent a small fortune, you were the only one that didn't fleece me, the only one that provided a workable and honest system, sure it was difficult to understand in the early days, but what isn't that's new, and boy was it worth it!!!!!!"


"...we're all so used to Rick's being able to time market moves with such incredible precision that we've forgotten how absolutely amazing this is! Does anybody remember what trading was like before you discovered FDates? I do -- for me, it was a lot of hard work and frustration mixed with trips to the bank to wire more money into my account!

Now what's it like? I called my broker today to have HIM send ME money to pay for the vacations (plural) I took this summer. THAT'S how it should be! And with CEPPRO [a later version of the FDates program], I look forward to even more vacations! Hooray FDates!" John R.

"My broker (discount of course) asked me today what I am doing different to place trades. I asked him why. He said he has been following my account closely and I am up 38% for the year [due to trading FDates]. None of his other clients are even close! I guess he didn't think I knew that. Ha! Ha!" Jim P. 
"Wow. Cotton has really followed the dates...Unbelievable. Your projections are sweet! With your service, I may not have to be in the IS industry another 35 years :)" – Aaron W., Missouri
"You are a true professional. I want to say "thanks" for all the time you put into the membership. You have always answered every question Ive had in a very timely manner and I know answering questions takes time. I could not be more pleased with my membership and your commitment to make it a positive experience." – Tony M., California
"Rick, I have been following your [daily] forecasts for over a year now mostly in the SP500. I have not been following the [weekly turn date] forecasts as close, because I was getting advice from another source. I now realize that I should have been paying more attention, because the [weekly turn dates] are great too! Thanks for all that you do." - James L., Florida
"Rick, Following your discussion of the Australian Dollar has been vastly more enlightening than the hit & miss results of using the regular technical indicators alone. What you offer is an empowering skill in following the markets and it is invaluable. Thanks. And thank you for your patience." - Vida B., California
"Since February, my losses total $684 and my earnings are over $12,000. Well, the story has gotten more interesting since then, and I want to share that story with you.

"A broker friend of mine claims your system is no better than "fortune telling." He argues that I know nothing about trading and my success is just sheer luck. In fairness, he is partly right. I do know nothing about trading. To prove that point, my friend had me answer the sample exam for Part 1 of a home study course for people who want to become commodities brokers. Of the 23 questions, I got 9 right!

So here's what happens next. On 6/15 heating oil reaches a new high and I think to myself that 6/15 is an fdate. So I go short around 4650. The market moves down and on 6/21 we hit another fdate, so I get out around 4450. To me, that's a nice 200 point trade, and I'm happy.

My friend says I'm a fool. Then I watch the action on Tuesday, 6/22. What do I see? I see that heating oil bottomed out around the same point on both Monday and Tuesday. I call my friend to ask him if this is a plateau bottom, and he calls me an idiot. Well, it's a plateau bottom to me and Rick says to watch these formations closely. Besides, we're at fd+1 [one bar of FDate]. Moreover, the support is at 38% retracement.

What do I do? I go long. On Wednesday, heating oil shoots up over 100 points. Guess who's along for the ride? Right, me.

OK, my friend thinks I'm an idiot. So what. My friend says the system can't be valid if it hasn't been backtested for 10 years. So what. My friend takes losses left and right. So what, I don't.

All I know is that in a week's time I picked up 300 points in profit. I'm having so much fun doing this that I might do it again on Friday!"

Gerhard D. (letter subject: thanks again)



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Site Footnotes:

*You can also use my currency future turn dates to time Forex market tops and bottoms for those paired with the USD.



Rick Ratchford, EzineArticles Platinum Author






... "Wow. Cotton has really followed the dates...Unbelievable. Your projections are sweet! - Aaron W.

Please sign me up for premium gold. I can't live or trade without your service...I have been returned all monies loss and spent on trading and am moving to that happy place of profit. Thanks. - Robert W.

... Rick, it's amazing what happens to one's confidence and profits when the hope of a quality system turns to reality. You my friend have restored my faith in the search for honesty and transparency in our profession. - Steven W.

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