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Robert A. Parizo

This is my first post on the forum, many of you have seen my dad's post about Prognos. I am not new to Rick's programming or this membership, I have known about this membership and all of it's vast rewards, as my dad goes back nearly a decade or longer with the forum, and I have heard on many occasions from dad about how good things are or how great they are during the development of Ceppro, Previsions and Most recently Prognos. I have held a membership for the last several years quietly reading the post's and the reports doing my own thing, and not sharing with the community, so I won't blame you if you ignore this post, but I must stand on the ROOFTOP and yell at the top of my LUNGS ain't this GREAT!!! I upgraded Ceppro to Prognos, and for anyone who is on the fence, I will say this... you can not afford to miss this opportunity. (GET OFF THE FENCE) Prognos is easy to use, and I have found it to be accurate, and exciting. Rick, Thanks for sharing your time, energy and effort with the forum. To all the others that share their insights with the forum, Thanks, and Thanks to (Dad) Don Parizo for making this Horse drink.

Tony M.

I've been at this market stuff for a long time. I've seen almost every computer software analysis program hit my computer--only to disappointment me. In fact, I've invested in excess of $20,000 over the last five years in software, most of which I do not use today.
Now my point: Where were you five years ago? You could have saved me tons of money!!!!!"

Aaron W., Missouri

"Wow. Cotton has really followed the dates...Unbelievable. Your projections are sweet! With your service, I may not have to be in the IS industry another 35 years :)"

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MichAEL C.

"Thank you Rick for the best technical analysis I have ever known."

Robert W.

"Please sign me up for premium gold. I can't live or trade without your service...I have been returned all monies loss and spent on trading and am moving to that happy place of profit. Thanks."

Jim P., Kansas

"Rick, Did you receive my e-mail about the two books I would like to have? I want to share something with you. My days off are Monday-Tuesday. I call in my trades and move my stops on the telephone. My broker (discount of course) asked me today what I am doing different to place trades. I asked him why. He said he has been following my account closely and I am up 38% for the year. None of his other clients are even close! I guess he didn't think I knew that. Ha! Ha! Thanks again."

Steve B.

"I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into the membership. Because of this membership, my trading account is finally beginning to turn around and I am becoming more confident in my trading. It has been a long struggle after using another service and watching my account constantly taking hit after hit."

John R.

"I have been using Rick Ratchford's [turn dates] for over a year [since 1998] and I have found them to be the most useful tools I have ever used in over 13 years of trading. The accuracy is absolutely amazing."

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James L.

"Rick, I have been following your [daily] forecasts for over a year now mostly in the SP500. I have not been following the [weekly turn date] forecasts as close, because I was getting advice from another source. I now realize that I should have been paying more attention, because the [weekly turn dates] are great too! Thanks for all that you do. "

Tom L.

"I've been a real estate broker now for a bit over 20 years. Using [turn date] trading techniques, I've been able to accumulate profits sufficient to become a partner with a group of guys in some major purchases of residential apartment units and commercial properties..."

George F.

"One of my biggest concerns is you may be discontinuing your knowledge and services...You have accomplished what 99% of the "talk the talk" folks in America would love to be able to do, but never even come close."

Steven W., California

"Discipline, discipline, discipline! Rick, it's amazing what happens to one's confidence and profits when the hope of a quality system turns to reality. You my friend have restored my faith in the search for honesty and transparency in our profession. "

Richard B.

"Yes, I definitely want to renew my membership!!!!!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, there is no other way to trade. I've never seen so many trades move into profit so fast."

Tony M., California

"You are a true professional. I want to say "thanks" for all the time you put into the membership. You have always answered every question I've had in a very timely manner and I know answering questions takes time. I could not be more pleased with my membership and your commitment to make it a positive experience. "

John R.

"I just had a nice conversation with a fellow from the [Regulatory Agency] who was checking on the truthfulness of my testimonials on your website. He was basically just wondering if I'd really said all that nice stuff. I let him know that I had indeed said what is posted, and I also let him know that I thought you were far and away the best, most high integrity system vendor I'd ever encountered in my fifteen or so years in the industry. I was just writing you to let you know how much I appreciate being associated with someone who I can say such nice things truthfully about. Keep up the good work, my friend!"


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*The testimonials are assumed to be truthful and accurate. We cannot verify and thus we accept them at face value. We realize that testimonials provide limited assurance since each trader will have different results based on individual efforts. We make no claims or guarantees that any customer will have similar results. It is recommend that anyone considering any service do their due diligence and to keep in mind that personal responsibility is key to succeeding at any endeavor.