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Software Registration-Key Request Form

To receive a Registration-Key, you must have purchased the software that you are requesting a key for.



Send us an email (see Contact Us link below if you don't know the email address) with the SUBJECT: "Registration-Key Request" and provide the following details for EACH software program you wish to register.

>Users Name
>Program Name to Register
>Hardware-Fingerprint Code


Example where user Rick Raven is wanting to register two (2) applications:

Rick Raven
Previsions Charting v 2.x

Rick Raven
Square Timer v3.x


Whether you are registering just one application or you have several that needs registration-keys, include the information for each program separately within a single email just like you see in the example above.


Your registration-key(s) will be sent to you as soon as we process it.

Thank you!




Software that requires a Registration-Key are protected by strong anti-pirating algorithms and can only be used if unlocked using a Registration-Key. Once the Registration-Key has been entered, the software can be used only on the computer it is registered to. There is no need to enter the Registration-Key again to use the software from the initial installation of the key, unless the key has expired. Registration-Keys may expire based on a particular expiration date, or number of uses, or due to a significant change in the computers software or hardware configuration. If your Registration-Key has expired and you are still entitled to the use of the program, simply fill out this form complete and submit. A new Registration-Key will be sent to you via email upon verification of your license to use the application. For some applications, you must submit the HARDWARE-FINGERPRINT in order to have a Registration-Key generated for your computer. To determine whether your application requires that you submit a HARDWARE-FINGERPRINT, note whether your application in the list above is followed by (HF). If so, you will need to provide this information. If you do not know how to find your applications Hardware-Fingerprint, simply view the video "How to find Hardware-Fingerprint".

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