Success Stories

About Previsions Charting Software

There are several powerful features built into the Previsions Charting program that would cost you thousands to attain in separate packages elsewhere. (Names of those competing packages will not be provided.)

For example, this software contains a tool called the Seasonal Data Report that takes all the historical price data for the chart data currently opened and generates a seasonal report highlighting the dates where the market historically changes direction. It will also highlight whether a period of time has been historically bullish or bearish, and more. I have seen applications offered for $1500 to provide seasonal information, and memberships at $79 or more a month. This applications has the seasonal report built right in! This one feature alone is worth more than what you'd pay for one of our FDates Membership plans.

Another powerful feature is the OB/OS indicator. This is an overbought/oversold indicator that is plotted as 'zones' on your price chart. The green zone marks the overbought zone, and the red zone marks the oversold zone. This indicator/tool alone is similar to one offered in a software program retailing for $1000. Here you have it built into Previsions Charting!

This software also contains a Time/Price Squares tool. I have seen a similar tool provided in another charting application that retails for hundreds of dollars. With this tool you can quickly calculate the time/price squaring from any market top or bottom. This tool is powerful to finding static and dynamic support and resistance levels, along with the time points based on squares, half-squares, etc.

There are so many tools this program contains, but here is a list of some of the others although not complete:

Fibonacci and Gann Retracement/Expansion Ratios
Fibonacci Time Counts
Numtrend Indicator
Fibonacci Time Expansion
Fibonacci Dynamic Fans
Swing Chart and Swing Bars Plotting
Buy/Sell Bands
FDates Display Indicator (requires FDates file)
Trigger Indicator

...and more!


This software is free to use for our Premium Members for as long as their account is in good standing (open).