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Market Forecasting Secrets

Market Forecasting Secrets

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This AMAZING collection of Market Forecasting Secrets has sold out several times over years.

Reprint orders have been made several times because the response has been wonderful.

However, one day we won't be reprinting this incredible book and it will be gone forever.

So don't let that happen before you get your own personal copy.

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This book will OPEN YOUR EYES!



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Square Timer v 3.5

Square Timer v3.5

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This is the Gann Wheel on steriods! Not only will this program quickly and easily do all your Square of Nine calculations on prices, but it also provides the dynamic angle price slope values that exist between the square values as well that is not available using a Gann Wheel (without great difficulty and a calculator). ONLY $39.00!
Previsions Charting Software

Previsions Charting v2.x

Most charting applications include all kinds of different commonly used indicators. The Previsions Charting application was designed from the ground up to be specifically for trading "turn dates" such as our FDates. While this program include a few tools and indicators common to most charting programs, it also contains tools that are unique and extremely powerful, such as the Seasonals Indicator, the OB/OS indicator, Time/Price Squaring and more! FREE USE FOR ALL PREMIUM MEMBERS AND QUALIFIED PLANS (Plan Details)