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The key to successful trading, outside of psychology, is TIMING. The best place to enter a trade is at the end of an opposing move, whether this be at the beginning of a new trend or at the end of a correction of an established trend.

There are two important elements to timing. They are TIME and PRICE.
The trader that can determine both TIME and PRICE of when a pivot top or bottom is likely to occur has an advantage, an EDGE if you will, in the markets. There are various techniques available today to help the trader in market timing. One excellent technique was taught by W. D. Gann called TIME/PRICE SQUARING.

Students of Gann may use what is called the SQUARE OF NINE (aka Gann Wheel) to perform this technique. However, the results are rough estimates that must be 'eyeballed' as best as possible. A better way is by using a calculator and get the exact values you need. However, even doing it by hand can get a bit tedious if you are working on more than one market.

The SOLUTION is a computer program called the SQUARE TIMER! Very simple and quick to use, you can take any price and within seconds calculate for 45, 90 or 180 degree square increments. Where the Square Timer surpasses the Square of Nine or Gann Wheel in speed and ease of use, it stomps on it in the area of getting those dynamic support and resistance prices that exist between the degree increments.

The best way to explain how the Square Timer can improve your ability to calculate support and resistance prices for any date of your choosing is to let you read the Users Guide. Once you have looked over the Guide, you'll be shocked that we are only selling the program for only $39.00! If you are a FDates Platinum Premium Member, you get the program for free. FDate members can use the cycle turn dates they receive through the membership and calculate support and resistance for those days using the Square Timer.

The following information is provided to help you understand how the Square Timer works. If you order the product, please make sure to download a copy of the User's Guide listed below as well as view the instructional videos.