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FDates Membership - 4-Reports only (Introduction)

This plan is designed for testing out our membership service.

Your membership remains active UNTIL you receive your 4th report (not to be confused with 4-weeks, which may or may not occur depending on when you join during the week).


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Month-to-Month Membership (Paypal)

For those who simply want to pay month-to-month, we offer the Month-to-Month Membership plan. This provides you access to the FDates Market Forecasting membership site until cancelled.

Paypal bills you on the same day each month from when you joined. When you cancel your subscription through Paypal, your membership access immediately ends.

This is the only membership subscription plan that YOU manage through PAYPAL. Click the JOIN NOW button you see on the right and carefully read all the details provided.

- $80.00 / month

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Platinum Membership - Includes first 52-weeks!

This plan includes your first year (52-weeks) of FDate Reports. Then starting with your 53rd week and every 4 weeks thereafter, you will be billed the low locked-in rate of just $59 per each 4-week billing cycle. As long as your account is active and in good standing, your rate will NEVER go up. So if you want to get the best rate we offer on a week-by-week cost basis, this is the most economical and provides the greatest benefit (the use of our powerful Previsions Charting software).


  • FREE use of Previsions Charting (v2.x for FDate Members) - Value $600 per year!
  • FREE Square Timer v3.5 program - Value $39
  • FREE Professional Trading Techniques eBook (PDF - $59)

$695.00 initial fee
(includes first 52 weeks then $59 every 4 weeks, starting week 53)

** This membership qualifies for a FREE 8-weeks of data from Pinnacle Data Corporation to use along with our Previsions Charting software if you wish to use this application (not required). Details on how to get started with this special offer is provided within our membership forum.

Note: The use of our special Previsions Charting software is OPTIONAL and only made available to Platinum members. It is an additional tool that you can use along with your FDates market timing and has incredible tools, like the Seasonal Data Report tool. If you decide to use the software, you will need Metatstock data (not provided). We recommend Pinnacle Data Corp. and their Reverse-Adjusted Continuous price data. Where you decide to get price data is up to you.

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