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Month-2-Month Membership Plan

(This is a PAYPAL managed plan)

The Precision Trading Membership Agreement


The MEMBERSHIP is described in detail within this Agreement. This Membership Agreement supercedes any previous Membership Agreement, and makes those previous Agreements null and void upon acceptance of the terms within. FDates turn dates and all commentary are provided as INFORMATION ONLY. Any comment referring to buy or sell price points are not to be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell, as that is the final decision of the applicant/trader (YOU).

The undersigned (herein referred to as Member) understands that (required notice by CFTC) PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. THERE IS RISK OF LOSS IN TRADING. ProfitMax Trading Inc. promises to provide market Turn Dates each week via the FDates Market Forecasting Report and PTM private forum for the sole purpose of analysis, determining where tops and bottoms are likely to occur, precision market timing. The Member understands and personally accepts ALL risks associated with trading with this information or any other, and does not hold ProfitMax Trading Inc. or any of its agents/employees responsible for any actions on the part of the Member in association with information provided.


The FDates provided within this membership are produced using proprietary mathematical and cycle extraction methods. Although market tops and bottoms are expected to occur on the dates provided (within a +/- one-bar accuracy for the respective chart time frame), there are no guarantees. While accuracy is considered extremely high on average, each market will rate differently at different times. As a member, you accept and acknowledge that market turns (tops and bottoms) can occur within one single price bar of the expected target bar for the respective time frame referenced (weekly price bars for weekly turn dates, daily price bars for daily turn dates, etc.) , and that no guaranteed is being made or implied as to the accuracy of any particular market forecast.


This plan provides you with access to the FDates Precision Trading forum for as long as you are subscribed. The FDates Precision Trading forum contains all your training materials (documents, videos), a trading forum, and your weekly FDate Reports. You can cancel your subscription at any time (see TERMS below for details). Subscribing and unsubscribing is all done through your personal PAYPAL account.

MARKETS (may vary at times due to market conditions. Other markets are added at times.)

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TERMS ("I" and "my" refers to the Member applying)

  1. I understand and agree that FDates are being provided to me for the sole purpose of assisting me in timing market trades, and that all decisions to buy or sell any future or forex contract is of my own and not that of ProfitMax Trading Inc. I except all risks associated with my own trading.
  2. I understand that I MAY NOT share the FDates provided by ProfitMax Trading Inc. with anyone who is not under this Service Agreement. I understand that by doing so, I forfeit any remaining reports due me as damage, and the privilege to re-subscribe may be denied.
  3. I understand that there is NO REFUND associated with this plan.
  4. I understand that I may subscribe and unsubscribe through my PAYPAL account at anytime.
  5. I understand that there are NO PARTIAL REFUNDS for unsubscribing before completing a full month from my last payment. Unsubscribing closes your account immediately. Any time left is forfeited.
  6. I understand that my account will be billed $80 to cover one month of membership, and then automatically renew each and every month thereafter until cancelled.
  7. By checking the box below, I understand and accept everything stated within this Membership Agreement form, having carefully read the terms of this Agreement and take full responsibility for my own trading. I do not hold ProfitMax Trading Inc, it's employees or agents responsible for any results I obtain by use of this membership and its information and tools.


Clicking the SUBSCRIBE button below is your acceptance to the terms of this Membership Agreement. You will immediately be forwarded to PAYPAL for subscribing.