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The Precision Trading Membership Agreement


This Membership Agreement supersedes any previous Agreement, and makes those previous Agreements null and void upon acceptance of the terms within. All data produced by our specialized applications, including any market commentary, are provided as INFORMATION ONLY. Any comment referring to buy or sell price points are not to be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell, but are provided as educational references. The undersigned (herein referred to as Member) understands that PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. THERE IS RISK OF LOSS IN TRADING. ProfitMax Trading Inc. promises to provide market Turn Dates each week via our weekly report posted on our private information board or sent directly via email. The Member understands and personally accepts ALL risks associated with trading with this information or any other, and does not hold ProfitMax Trading Inc. or any of its agents/employees responsible for any actions on the part of the Member in association with information provided.


  1. Member understands that Turn Dates are not 100% accurate. To trade Turn Dates is a decision of the Member and not that of ProfitMax Trading Inc., and therefore the Member excepts all risks associated with trading. The Member understands that Turn Dates are offered to assist in timing and analysis of the markets. Using them to trade is the Member's sole responsibility.
  2. Member understands that the Turn Dates provided by ProfitMax Trading Inc. are not to be shared with anyone who is not under this Service Agreement (non-Member). Member understands that by doing so, Member forfeits any remaining reports due the Member as damage, and the privilege to re-subscribe may be denied.
  3. CANCELLATION POLICY: Premium Members can cancel anytime and no fees from the date of cancellation will be assessed via automatic debit. However, the initial fee is not refundable, as well as any fees assessed up to the date of cancellation. Once a Premium Membership account is cancelled (closed), it can only be reopened by going through the application process again and paying the initial non-refundable fee. Cancellations must be in writing. Accounts closed due to non-payment can be denied service or support (including Registration-Keys) for products provided as bonuses through this plan.
  4. Credit card DECLINES will be assessed a $5 service fee. If no resolution is offered within 3 days following notice of the decline, the Premium Membership account will be closed. However, the Member may reopen the account at anytime by authorizing payment of all past dues plus $25 for administrative service fees. It is also the responsibility of the Member to keep us informed of any billing changes such as changes in credit card numbers or expiration date.
  5. Dues are collected every 4th week starting with the conclusion of your FIRST YEAR that is included with your activation fee. At the end of your first year, and every 4-weeks thereafter, your dues will be $60 automatically charged to your credit card on file. Your rate will never go up for as long as your account is open. Billing is usually done on a Wednesday. There are no partial refunds for unused time. If your account is billed and you cancel with some time left before your next dues are assessed, that time is forfeited. We will gladly inform you as to when your next dues will be assessed upon request.
  6. By checking the box below, I am indicating that I have read this agreement in its entirety and am agreeing to your policies and fees.
  7. In addition, by checking the box below I am indicating that:
    1. I understand that there is no refund for any time left on your membership if I choose to close the account early.
    2. I understand that my credit card will be billed the initial fee of $495 which is non-refundable to open this account (includes first 52 weeks of membership and FDate Reports).
    3. I understand that my credit card will be automatically billed the amount of $60 for each 4-week period after the intial 52-week period, unless I cancel by written request.
I have read and agree to the Terms of Agreement