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"Old men in business, after a prolonged period of prosperity become too hopeful and get over extended. It is easy to borrow money after a long period of business prosperity.

People who borrow money on hope have to liquidate when fear overtakes them and conditions are at the worst. That is why CYCLES in business and Stock and Commodity Markets have always repeated and always will.

Nature's laws are unchangable and no man or set of men can change them. The New Dealers have not proved that they can stop inflation. They claim they can prevent DEPRESSIONS AND PANICS, but no one has succeeded in doing it in the past and the next few years will
prove that our Government leaders cannot stop a DEPRESSION by WASTE and SPENDING. The New Dealers have sown to the wind and must reap the whirlwind. During the past 20 years they have spent and wasted all the wealth that our country has accumulated during the past 175 years.

Our Federal, State and private debts are the largest in history, and these conditions make the next few years the most critical in our history. The man who knows TIME CYCLES can predict the future, protect his capital and make money, while those who guess will lose. This is the time of opportunity to start to study mathematics, scientific rules for making accurate deductions to determine the trend of Stocks, Business and Commodities."

The above three quoted paragraphs describe exactly what is happening in the United States as well as many countries around the world today.

The excessive borrowing and debt, the wasteful spending, and the inability of Government to do anything about it. It is pretty depressing, don't you think?

You may find it surprising, however, to discover that the first three quoted paragraphs of this article is a direct quote from W. D. Gann in his letter to his subscribers titled, "WHY TIME CYCLES PREDICT TREND OF COMMODITIES, STOCKS AND BUSINESS", dated April
5, 1954.

That's right, 1954. Yet, it reads as if written about today!

What is fascinating about this is that it further CONFIRMS his assertion that "CYCLES in business and Stock and Commodity Markets have always repeated and always will." Here we go again.

Knowing the past is extremely helpful in determining what is likely to occur in the future. While we should not expect the future to be an exact replica of the past, the similarities can be astounding, as demonstrated by his letter written nearly 60 years ago that easily describes the situation of today.

You may also find it interesting to note that Mr. Gann, in his many lessons about TIME CYCLES, has mentioned the 60-year cycle as being important to watch. Other CYCLES, such as the 30-year, the 10-year, and the 5-year CYCLES are divisions of the 60-year.

I have made it my business to learn about CYCLES for the benefit of myself and my clients. Whether it be short-term or long-term cycles, these can and are extremely useful for forecasting future market price action.

For example, on October 1st 2012, I alerted my clients of the following short-term cycle move:

"The turns are from 10/1 to 10/5 in the SP500. So if 10/1 produces a DSB (daily swing bottom), we'd expect prices to rise into 10/5"

On 10/1, the SP500 (Standard and Poor's 500 Index) made a lower-low than the previous day's (9/28) low. Following that low, price rose to top out on 10/5. Price then dropped from 10/5 for several days, ending on 10/15.

How was I able to make such a precise forecast? With the help of CYCLES, a very strong component of my daily chart analysis.

And what about 10/15, where the next bottom of the SP500 occurred? On my weekly report I had noted 10/15 as a special turn date. Yes, this day too was forecasted in advance with the help of analyzing CYCLES.

While no one can be 100% accurate 100% of the time, the above examples are NOT cherry-picked for this article. Almost every significant turn in the SP500 has been forecasted in advance due to the use of CYCLES as the main core of the analysis.


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The analysis of CYCLES is not reserved for just a select few. Anyone can learn how to do this if so desired. If you would like to learn how to forecast future market turns by way of CYCLES, I make the following recommendations:

1. Study the works of W. D. Gann.
2. Study the works of J. M. Hurst.
3. Read the Delta Phenonmenon book by Welles Wilder.
4. Read Sesonality by Jake Bernstein.
5. Read Market Forecasting Secrets by Rick Ratchford.
6. Read The Spiral Calendar by Christopher Carolan.
7. Read the works of Michael S. Jenkins.

The above is a short-list of those I have learned much from (except #5, which I wrote). If you are to be serious about forecasting future market turns, you will be reading much more than these. However, I have what I consider MUST READS to get on the correct path to understanding.

I will say this, that it is not an easy thing to learn or master. It is not only the amount of material you read and study, but it can take years for all the pieces to start to fit together in your mind.

If this sounds like a bit more than you would like to chew, that is understandable. Not every one who chooses to walk this path are going to arrive at the same destination. Also, most do not want to complicate their life any further. This is why many have relied on me to provide this information each week so that focus can be completely on trading.

Whether you choose to discover the CYCLES in the markets you trade or have someone like me do it for you, having this information can be the difference between taking on unnecessary losses and lost opportunities and protecting and increasing your wealth.

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