Forecasting Examples

7-Months of FDates Reviewed for Australian Dollar

Every FDate Turn Date, Good or Bad, Is Discussed

Many who visit this website are not sure what FDates are all about.

Sure you can read the great testimonials.

You may even be impressed by all the forecast example pages.

But then, you might be thinking that I am only cherry-picking the best.

Well, below is a video that has been posted on YouTube that should help dispel that thought.

What I did was to take an Australian Dollar futures daily price chart and to record EVERY FDATE from our late July 2013 FDate Report all the way to February 2014 (when I made this video), skipping none.

This means you not only get to see the good, but the occasional bad. Not a single thing is hidden.

Now keep in mind that my current member/clients have looked at this video as well.

If I had left anything out, you can bet I'd hear about it and would have to fix it.

In fact, I made this video originally for them (the newer ones) so that they can use it along with all the other training aids to quickly get up to speed making great Fdate trades.

Since it is such a great demonstration, what better place to post it then right here?