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Expecting the Start of the Second Recession Leg

The FALL of the SP500

Today is 8/8/2011. We are watching the SP500 drop for the 11th day in a row!

While many traders and investors have been optimistic about the future prospects of the Stock Market, and have fallen for the claims made that the recession ended during 2009, those who have paid heed to my free FDates Market Timing Newsletter, and especially those who have paid attention to the periodic analysis of the SP500 within our FDates Market Timing Membership, were well aware of my expectation for the SP500 to likely make a major top during the summer of 2011.

What I have done is tried to find those comments I have made in recent weeks and months, whether they be via newsletter, forum postings or YouTube videos, to highlight the fact that we [FDate Traders] were not taken by surprise of the recent major fall of the SP500. Below are just a few of what I was able to recover.



SP500 Market Forecast 07/25/2011

SP500 Forecast RECAP for 8/4/2011


Back on June 03, 2011 I made the following post in the SP500 Discussion area of our private membership forum:


As you can see from the YouTube videos as well as the membership forum posting, we were in expectation of this market moving down. Warnings were made that if you are in the Stock Market, to "seriously start considering moving into something that appreciates when the market drops."

I'm sure you would agree that this was a very good suggestion.


And like the free videos I have been providing on YouTube (please subscribe to my YouTube Channel AmazingAccuracy so that you will be notified of all new uploaded videos), I also provide a free Market Forecasting Newsletter. Readers of this newsletter were also warned. Here is an example of one newsletter reminding the readers of what was expected to occur in the SP500.


FDates Market Timing Newsletter - June 03, 2011 1:48 PM

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Months ago, I suggested that the SP500 market cycles appear to indicate that the SUMMER OF 2011 could start the second leg down of the Recession, and that this could continue until around the SUMMER OF 2012 before another Bull market began.

This morning, I received some news items where it appears there is now talk of this possibility. I find this interesting, because I had already discussed this a few months ago.

The SP500 is showing signs of weakness. The potential for topping now is great. This market has reached the end of a long-term monthly cycle period where trend reversals usually occur.

In fact, if you have my Market Forecasting Secrets (MFS) book, please take another look at Secret #1. Apply this to your MONTHLY price chart, and you will find that MAY marks a cycle turn period. Since June has already moved below the low of May, a monthly swing top has thus confirmed. Right now, we simply look at this as a trend correction. However, as Secret #1 often predicts, we may have our top and trend change now. See for yourself by reviewing that section in the book.

On a technical note, the May 6th weekly swing top (viewed on a weekly chart) is higher than the Feb 18 weekly swing top, but the oscillators formed lower swing tops (MACD, Stochastics, etc.) for 5/6. This is referred to as a BEARISH DIVERGENCE and often marks the end of a move.

If you invested in the stock market, especially in the SP500, you are now warned that this market is due to start becoming more bearish for the near future!

Use this information on CORN and the SP500 to profit handsomely!




Rick Ratchford


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The purpose of bringing up these messages and videos is to demonstrate that what we do within the FDates Market Timing Membership is consistently accurate rather than a one-off prediction. The problem with market forecasts is that usually those who read or watch them soon go about their life without giving the forecast a second thought. So when the event occurs, many are usually unaware that they were given advanced warning about it.

That is simply the unfortunate side to what I do. However, some are more serious than others about their trading and they keep a close eye on these market forecasts that I make. Soon, they realize that having this information on a regular basis simply makes financial sense and they join the Membership.

I hope that you are one of those serious minded traders that does not want to be left in the dark. The small investment of being a FDate Member is an incredible bargain to put you in position to catch the best trading opportunities in these wild markets.