Forecasting Examples

Crude Oil (2009)

A Typical FDate Membership Week

As you view the following illustrations, note that these are screen prints of a series of posts made by Rick Ratchford in the FDates Precision Trading forum. These are the types of post that Rick typically makes on any given week. You can see that not only is this forecast another example of the power of FDates, but it also provides an excellent example of the education traders gain by being a part of this membership.

Pay close attention to the date and times of these posts. The times are Central Time (US).

Crude Oil Forecast Example 1

Above you can see that based on our FDates, we expected something special to come from the 4/17/2009 price bar.

Crude Oil Forecast Example 2

The above chart shows that we were right.

But now you'll see that we are not yet done with this market.

Crude Oil Forecast Example 2

Now the next FDate has arrived and we are expecting that this drop is likely to reverse. So we support our expectation of a turn by noting whether our price bar is at known support.

Crude Oil Forecast Example 4


And again we are correct and can capitalize on our expectations. This is what FDate trading is all about.  Want to know what is likely to happen next in Crude Oil? Ah, you'll just have to come on board with the rest of us fortunate stiffs to find out. :)