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Major SP500 Bottom Forecasted

It would be impossible to put all the forecasts made over the years since this Membership started on this page. However, posting another forecast that was made in advance before the public here should help you see how powerful my applications really are.

Prior to March 11, 2003, I made a forecast about the SP500 major weekly bottom. Even at the time of this writing that major bottom continues to hold. The following are copies of the public forum comments that refer to the original forecast. Note that the reference to 'Ratchford' and 'Fdates'. That would be me and what I used to call our daily cycle turn dates.

By the way, you will note that these guys were making a joke (tongue-n-cheek), when one joked "he was wrong" for being ONE DAY OFF and the other one joked about it being the "worse call he ever made". Wouldn't everyone wish the "worse call" they ever made was one that was ONE DAY OFF FROM A MAJOR BOTTOM that started a new bull trend?  LOL (lauging out loud) indeed!


Commodity Traders Discussion Forum this the VW buy 'time'signal!!!


Posted By: hc&gw (
Date: Tuesday, 11 March 2003, at 3:58 p.m.

In Response To: this the VW buy 'time'signal!!! *NM* (SST)

I don't have a time date today, but Ratchford has a major weekly turn centered on today, & 797-796 is one of those "harmonic spots" in price on my voodoo wheel.



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Cycles / hc&gw

Posted By: hunter (
Date: Sunday, 1 June 2003, at 3:37 a.m.

Hi hc&gw, about cycles and the F Dates. I can not believe that Mr. R. Ratchford back on 3/11/03 missed the freaking SP low (SPX 788.90) by one day and 9 hundle! He was wrong! LOL
55 TDs later and the market is still within that cycle call....hey did i said 55 TD?


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Re: Cycles / Hunter


Posted By: hc&gw (
Date: Sunday, 1 June 2003, at 1:51 p.m.

In Response To: Cycles / hc&gw (hunter)

Hello Hunter, yes that was the worst call Rick ever made, LOL.
Uh oh, you did say 55 TD's didn't you!! also is coming up on 90 CD's on June 10th :)


Of course the comment that I was wrong or that it was the worst call I've ever made was purely Tongue-n-cheek humor for my forecast was within 1 trading day or 9 handles of this major weekly bottom in the SP500 sparked the new SP500 bull trend rally.


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