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The above forecast first referred to a forecast made for a turn on 1/27 that no longer sits on their server. So I was unable to retrieve it. However, this post did refer to it. In addition, the above forecast made on 2/5 called for the next turn to be 2/24.

On 1/27, Coffee made a significant top that dropped all the way down to 2/23 where it formed a significant bottom. You can verify this yourself on your daily price chart of Coffee (use continuous price chart).

On 2/20, a Friday late at night, I posted a quick message on this forum that simply said "Coffee is a buy." So for 2/23, the following Monday, had one actually went long Coffee they would have done real well as price continued up until 3/16 from the 2/23 low. Here is that post to buy.

Coffee Forum

Didn't have to say anything other than the subject that "Coffee is a buy." Why? Because on 2/5 I had already informed this Coffee group that I expected a turn for 2/24. If they aren't going to read and pay attention to my forecast when I post it, whose fault is that? 6

Coffee Forum

Ceppro you know is one of my powerful forecasting programs. It signaled to me to expect a weekly swing turn for week 3/12 or 3/19. Weekly swings are to be viewed from a WEEKLY price chart, so price bars 3/12 and 3/19 are side-by-side. If you look at your weekly price chart, you will see that from the bottom of 2/23 price rose until it topped out inside week 3/19. The actual day was 3/16 within week 3/19. At the time of this writing this still holds as the last significant weekly swing top.

So far you have seen examples where I called the 1/27 top, the following 2/23 bottom (2/24), a buy call for 2/23, and the following top inside week 3/19.

My final forecast on this Coffee Traders Forum was a quick note that 3/26 will start a short-term bounce against the downward trend.

Coffee Forum

Now below is a daily price chart where I have noted the forecasted dates as a convenience for you.

Coffee Forum

As you can see, the forecasts dealt with just the predominant turns with the exception of my comment about the short-term 3/26 bounce. These just happen to be the ones I offered the folks at the Coffee Traders Forum. As for our members here, every daily and weekly cycle turn date was offered on our weekly Ceppro Report.

So ask yourself, is this just luck? Hardly. Nobody is that lucky to make these kinds of forecasts especially in public. Although we cover 20 Futures and Commodity markets on our report each week, imagine if you only traded Coffee with just those few forecasts shown above. Would that have made your year?