Frequently Asked Questions

There are many trading services on the Internet. Some provide you with a weekly newsletter telling you what you should buy or sell and at what price, leaving you with having to make no decision (and often no money) at all. Some just sell books, some just advice, some...well...something else. So you are going to have questions that need answering. I want you to be able to make an informed decision. So I put this FAQ page together in the hopes of answering questions you may have.

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Q. What are daily turn dates (DTDs) and weekly turn dates (WTDs)?

Q. What is the accuracy of these FDates?

Q. Do you know days in advance whether a FDate will be a top or bottom?

Q. As a member, what exactly should I expect to receive?

Q. What other products do we need to purchase to use your service?

Q. What markets do you cover on the weekly FDate Report?

Q. Can we request FDates for other markets not on the report?

Q. Would it be possible to look over past FDate Reports in order to evaluate the service?

Q. Do you give specific trade recommendations?

Q. How do I join?

Q. When does a membership expire?

Q. Do you manage a fund?

Q. I've read mentioned programs called FDates, Ceppro, and Prognos. Can you clarify what these are and if we will be using them as part of the membership?


Q. What is the Previsions Charting program?

Q. What are some of the special features of Previsions Charting?

Q. The Registration-Key for my software product has expired. How do I get a new Registration-Key to unlock my software?

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