Cancelation Policy

Membership Cancelation Policy

All cancellation requests are immediate

Please do not request a cancellation to be executed at some future date as these requests are not accepted. All cancellation requests are immediate. If you have any time left on your membership before the next billing period, it will be forfeited. There are no rebates or partial refunds offered (per Application Agreement Terms). So if you wish to use the time still left, be sure to not cancel too early. You may inquire at anytime as to when the next billing date will be to help you.


As a PREMIUM MEMBER, you have paid for the privilege of locking in a low rate for as long as you keep your account open. This rate will never go up!

However, if you cancel your membership, you will lose this rate.

In the event you decide to join again, you would need to go through the application process and pay the initial fee ($695 for Platinum and $299 for Gold) in order to set up your account again. Also, there is no guarantee that the lock-in rate will be as low as they are today upon your return.

Premium Memberships were designed for traders who recognized the power of FDates Market Timing and the edge that it provides.

If you wish to cancel your Premium Membership and waive your locked in rate, please use the wording found below in your request email.

Membership Cancelation Request

To Cancel:

Please send email by clicking here OR copy the wording below and email to us.

Please use the following words in your cancellation request:

"Please cancel my Premium Membership account effective immediately. I have read the Cancellation Policy. I also understand that if I do not receive a confirmation to this request within 24 hours that my account may still be open. I will make another attempt to contact you via email. If that fails, I will call. Thank you."

Please do not assume your account is cancelled until you receive confirmation by email. Allow at least 24 hours for notification. Please note that all dues accessed prior to receiving your cancellation request, even if done hours ago, are not refundable as per your Membership Agreement. Membership dues cease at the time ProfitMax receives your cancellation request.

Thank you!
Rick Ratchford