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Special Forecasting Software License Purchase


These are the proprietary software applications that I use each week to produce the weekly FDate Report. If a qualified Platinum Premium Member desires to calculate FDates for any freely traded market on his/her own, then purchasing the lifetime software license is the way to go.

NOTE: These programs are made available to SERIOUS FDate traders only. We are not interested in selling these programs in a normal retail fashion because these applications are what are used to generate our weekly FDate Report and are proprietary. Please do NOT request a NDA form unless you are serious about purchasing a license and are currently a Platinum Member..

IMPORTANT: In the past, we allowed each application to be licensed separately. This is no longer the case. Now all the applications are combined as part of the 'suite' of applications.

NOTE: Payment for Licensing Bundles are by Cashier's Check only. We do NOT accept credit cards for these items. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (Notarized) is required along with payment. Once payment is made and the licenses have been issued, the SALE IS FINAL and NO REFUNDS will be made. This is a serious investment and should be considered carefully before making the request.

The FDate Suite of Applications and training videos are available via download from the Internet. You will be provided with the appropriate download links (limited time access so you'll be required to make copies for backup) upon clearing of payment.



FDates 2009 (multiple proprietary tools for DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY turn dates)

WEdgePro (used for WEEKLY turn dates only)

WDates (used for WEEKLY turn dates only)

EdgePRO (daily and weekly turn dates)

H.O.T. Dates (High Octane Turn Dates - used to generate the $FDates)


Product(s) you wish to license:



An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) form is REQUIRED before you may acquire a license to the FDates Suite of Applications. The NDA must be signed before a Notary Public or Bank Officer.

Because of the proprietary nature of these software applications, ALL SALES ARE FINAL and there are no refunds. Therefore, only serious applicants (must be Platinum Premium member for at least 6 months) familiar with the software application based on forum postings and discussions and serious about acquiring for a license are invited to apply.

To purchase the licenses and receive the applications (via DVD), you must send a Bank Guaranteed Cashiers Check along with your Notarized NDA form (Note: You may attach a photo copy of a Government issued photo ID in lieu of Notary verification, such as a Drivers License).

Please click the link below, print and fill out completely (Notarized or with copy of Driver's License/ID) and mail with Bank Cashiers check. You will be provided with Fax number and mailing address by email shortly after submitting this form.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement Application)


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